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( sos ) which step is the same when constructing an inscribed regular hexagon and an inscribed equilateral triangle? a. set the compass width to greater than half the diameter of the circle b. set the compass width to the radius of the circle c. connect every arc along the circle d. connect every other arc along the circle Get the answer
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( the glass castle) to which senses does the imagery about the "hot pot" mainly appeal on page 65 of the novel? your taste and hearing touch and sm


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( the earth sun distance is about 1.5x 1011m- (one astronomical unit) the most of the worth is to 6.0x1024kg and the loss of the sun is 2.0 x1030kg wh


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( trigonometry)maria is looking out a 17 -foot-high window and sees two deer. the angle of depression to the 26 degree. what is the horizontal distanc