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<3 help mi i’m down bad sol levin sold 22 pairs of shoes each day. monday through wednesday, 28 pairs on thursday, and 31 on friday. how many shoes must he sell on saturday to average 29 pairs sold for the 6 days he worked during the week? Get the answer
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<abc is dilated by a scale factor of 3 with the origin as the center of dilation to form <a'b'c'. the slope of ab is -1.2. the length of ab is p


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<access 102 exercise two. pdfd. a man spends 1/9 of his monthly income on rent, 1/2 on food and % on clothes. if he still hasghs 20.0 left at the e


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<cosissulaa strain guage consists of a wire of total length 3mand resistance 750 ohm. a force causes the longth of thewire to increase to 3.005 m.