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$1,621,000 and will produce $307,000 per year in years 5 through 15 and $570,000 per year in years 16 through 25. the u. s. gold mine will cost $2,086,000 and will produce $281,000 per year for the next 25 years. the cost of capital is 12 percent. use appendix d for an approximate answer but calculate your final answers using the formula and financial calculator methods. (note: in looking up present value factors for this problem, you need to work with the concept of a deferred annuity for the australian mine. the returns in years 5 through 15 actually represent 11 years; the returns in years 16 through 25 represent 10 Get the answer
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$10 paypal 57 points now that you have read two excerpts from arthur miller’s the crucible, consider the time period, the shocking accusations made to


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$100 is invested at 12% per year. if the amount is compounded annually, write the total amount after 2 years in exponential function form.


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