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#1 calf raises work which of the following muscles: a. obliques b. gastrocnemius c. trapezius d. all of the above #2 lunges target which of the following muscles: a. quadriceps b. hamstrings c. gluteus maximus d. all of the above #3 interval training means: a. incorporating a variety of exercises into your workout routine b. alternating short bursts of intense activity with active recovery c. strength training alternated with cardio exercises d. exercising for 10 minute periods multiple times a day #4 knee flexion during strength training should be at an angle greater than 90 degrees. true or false Get the answer
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#1 tú no (decir) la verdad a.) has decir b.) has decido c.) has dicho d.) has decho #2 nosotros nos (poner) guantes a.) hemos puesto b.) hemos ponido


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#1 volume of a square based pyramid i • draw and find the volume of a square based pyramid meeting the following criteria: 1) mark the base, which is


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#1 what is one major central idea of nurse and spy in the union army? answer in one or two complete sentences. #2 name two details from the text tha