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"a jit system uses kanban cards to authorize movement of incoming parts. in one portion of the system, a work center uses an average of 108 parts per hour while running. the manager has assigned an inefficiency factor of .18 to the center. standard containers are designed to hold 6 dozen parts each. the cycle time for parts containers is about 100 minutes. how many containers are needed Get the answer
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"a bond had a price of $946.02 at the beginning of the year and a price of $979.58 at the end of the year. the bond's par value is $1,000 and its coup


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"a car of mass m accelerates from speed v1 to speed v2 while going up a slope that makes an angle ? with the horizontal. the coefficient of static fri


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"a circle is the set of all points that are the same distance from one given point in a plane." find an example that contradicts this definition