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"there is no doubt climate change is happening - the only arguable point is what role humans are playing in it”- do your research to find some arguments to support the claim that "humans are to be blamed for climate change and some arguments against. then write your conclusion. arguments for: arguments against: you conclusion:? Get the answer
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Sagi Boris 55 Minutes ago

"there will always be someone that will push you down. but there will always be someone there to help lift you back up; and that person is up above...


Sagi Boris 1 Hours ago

"there would be meat that had tumbled out on the floor the dirt and sawdust, where the workers had tramped and spit uncounted billions of consumptive


Giiwedin Frigyes 1 Hours ago

"there's a strength in all of us that gives us the courage to deal with our problems." what do you think of this statement and how does it apply to da