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"the emigrants who colonized the shores of america in the beginning of the seventeenth century somehow separated the democratic principle from all the principles that it had to contend with in the old communities of europe, and transplanted it alone to the new world. it has there been able to spread in perfect freedom and peaceably to determine the character of the laws by influencing the manners of the country. it appears to me beyond a doubt that, sooner or later, we shall arrive, like the americans, at an almost complete equality of condition." - excerpt from the "introduction" in democracy in america, alexis-de-tocqueville (1835) using the passage what was the best reason that accounts for the difference between american society and french society at the time? a) capitalism b) enlightened ideas c) freedom of expression d) no nobility or inherited positions Get the answer
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"the food supply is breaking" what are ways in which these supply chains can be adjusted to better serve the nation's meat demands? what other product


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"the foreign policy of the united states is characterized in the postwar period by a striving for world supremacy. this is the real meaning of the man


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"the forest was a green carpet" is an example of: group of answer choices simile metaphor personification idiom