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"the united states troops have done almost all the fighting and have suffered almost all the losses. they have suffered losses almost equal to those of both sides at the battle of gettysburg (it) will, i believe, be regarded as an ever-famous american victory-winston churchill, address to the house of commons, january 18, 1945 in this address, prime minister churchill is referencing a the battle of okinawa. b. the battle of iwo jima. c. the battle of the bulge d. the battle of stalingrad. Get the answer
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"the wild honeysuckle" by philip freneaufair flower, that dost so comely grow,hid in this silent, dull retreat,untouched thy honied blossoms blow,uns


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"the world on turtle's back" is a creation myth because it focuses on characters whom the iroquois considered "gods." is an iroquoian story about pe


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"the ability to engage in thoughtful reflectiveness seems to happen all of a sudden. but if one carefully examines it, this ability is actually based