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"south korea is heavily integrated into international trade and ?nance and is subsequently highly vulnerable to external influences, especially from china, which is its main trade partner (26.8% of total exports), followed by united states (12.1%), vietnam (8%), hong kong (7.6%) and japan (5%). its main suppliers are china (19.9%), united states (11%), japan (10.2%), saudi arabia (4.9%) and germany (3.9%) (comtrade data)." this best describes south korea's . Get the answer
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"standing there waiting for my punishment, i heard my mother speak in a dry voice. ‘we not concerning this girl. this girl not have concerning for us.


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"starbucks chief howard schultz frowns on research, advertising, and customer surveys. he conducts his own informal primary research by visiting 25 st


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"stare decisis" means “let the decision stand.” this concept is influential in our legal system and is most closely related with which legal term?