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"new questions and concerns about the safety and quality of our food seem to arise every day. "what is in our food?" "where was it grown?" "is it healthy and nutritious?" one increasing concern involves foods that contain genetically modified organisms, or gmos." in this introductory paragraph, the writer uses thought-provoking questions to hook the reader. the writer’s thesis statement is in bold. develop an effective hook for the same thesis statement using a different technique, such as "surprising facts," "humor," "a compelling anecdote," "an historical reference," or a "thought-provoking definition." be sure to include the thesis statement from the passage in your paragraph. Get the answer
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"nick can complete 15 homework assignments in 3 hours."what is his homework completion rate? what is the unit rate (per hour)?


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"night calls" this assignment will be focusing on your ability to write following a specific structure. for this assignment, you will be using direc


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"nikki giovanni's real name is yolande cornelia. most poets do not change their name. why might she have done so? how does using the nom de plume of n