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"lines" of latitude on earth are actually circles. the tropic of cancer is the northernmost line of latitude at which the sun appears directly overhead at noon. the tropic of cancer has a radius of 5854 kilometers. to qualify for an around-the-world speed record, a pilot must cover a distance no less than the circumference of the tropic of cancer, cross all meridians, and land on the same airfield where the flight began.a. the minimum distance that a pilot must fly to qualify for an around-the-world speed record is about kilometers.question 2research b. estimate the time it will take for a pilot flying at an average speed of 1231 kilometers per hour to fly around the world.at this speed, it will take about hours.help pl Get the answer
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"little things are big" in the context of this text, what are the effects of prejudice? how do individual kindness and courtesy work together to count


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"lizard national bank purchases a three-year interest rate cap for a fee of 2 percent of notional principal valued at $50 million, with an interest ra


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"lois comes out of her shell" episode 6 season 11 on family guy, lois whispered to peter: "i had my... so it's tighter now" what did lois mean? was sh