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01. list and describe some major changes that were brought about by the muslims in the social and cultural traditions of the subcontinent. use the resources available in your home or the internet to find details about those changes. furthermore, elaborate onone change that was the most lasting/permanent and can still be seen around even today Get the answer
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01.03 transformation of energy) what is energy? (science question , i'm on flvs so if you are too and in grade 7th and done this before i would be th


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01.04 mc)the elevation of city a is 72 feet above sea level; the elevation of city c is 24 feet above sea level. the elevation of city d is 1 over 4 o


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01.04lo læy escoge la opción con el pais comecto para completar la frase read and choose the comect country that completes the sentence. es un pas m