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01. considere as matrizes abaixo, sendo "a" um número real, para que tenhamos a . b = c, o valor da variável "a" deverá ser: * a) um número racional, par, maior que 5 e menor que 10. b) um número inteiro, par, maior que 1 e menor que 5. c) um número inteiro, ímpar e primo. d) um número natural, impar, maior que 1 e menor que 5 Get the answer
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01.02 mc) read the following poem carefully before you choose your answer. the triple fool i am two fools, i know, for loving, and for saying so in


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01.03 transformation of energy) what is energy? (science question , i'm on flvs so if you are too and in grade 7th and done this before i would be th


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01.04 mc)the elevation of city a is 72 feet above sea level; the elevation of city c is 24 feet above sea level. the elevation of city d is 1 over 4 o