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01 which of the following statements is false? a. during the civil war, raids by native americans on the frontier were not stopped by the federal government b. westward expansion brought more settlers to isolated and unprotected areas of the frontier. c. there were no settlers in west texas until after the civil war. d. after the civil war, despite the presence of more troops on the frontier by the federal government, the earliest settlers were still too isolated, and there were too few men to provide protection please select the best answer from the choices provided oa o o o o d Get the answer
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01. how should a rester analyze indirect characterization? check all that apply. by choing adjectives that provide detalls describing the character b


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01. a europa possui o maior e mais dinâmico bloco econômico regional do planeta. ele é considerado uma união econômica e monetária, onde além da elimi


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01. a própolis é um produto natural conhecido por suas propriedades anti-inflamatórias e cicatrizantes. esse material contém mais de 200 compostos ide