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0.82 moles of water at 25 c absorbs 273 joules of heat in my kitchen the day my ac was broken. what was the final temperature of the water? specific heat of water = 4.184 j/g c. please show work too formulas if necessary: q = mc (delta t) where c = specific heat of water= 4.184 j/gc Get the answer
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0.90gm of an organic compound when dissolved in 36gm of acetone, produces an elevation of 0.30oc in the boiling point. calculate the molecular mass of


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0.92 kg of r-134a fills a 0.14-m^3 weighted piston–cylinder device at a temperature of –26.4°c. the container is now heated until the temperature is 1


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0.co division facts 4 16 : 4 = word problem ryan is 58.4 inches tall, meghan is 58.04 inches tall, sue is 57.9 inches tall, and kim is 57.19 inches