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"karma is a deeply traditional and complex religious concept that has morphed into a flippant pop culture buzzword. the word karma is a sanskrit term that means deed or action. basically, karma means that actions have consequences. good deeds will be rewarded and bad behavior will be punished. "in many eastern religions such as buddhism and hinduism, karma is fundamentally tied to reincarnation. the circumstances of every living creature in this life are a direct result of their actions in the last one. things they do now will reverberate into the next life, and the next, in an endless cycle. "in popular culture, karma is neither inevitable nor eternally binding. people say 'what goes around, comes around' to encourage niceness or in hope that someone who did them wrong will pay for it someday. it’s more of a comforting cliché than an inescapable cosmic contract." which option below is a major supporting detail in the reading? a) actions have consequences. b) karma is a sanskrit word that means act or deed. c) what goes around, comes around. d) in some religions, reincarnation is linked with karma. Get the answer
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"kids in business" discusses how anna's business helps the environment. describe two key details that support this main idea. support your answer with


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"k? n?ng m?m ph? thu?c khá nhi?u vào tính ch?t c?a ngh? nghi?p, ??c bi?t là tính ??i t??ng c?a ngh? nghi?p". anh (ch?) hãy làm rõ nh?n ??nh trên. nêu


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"la tecnología es un siervo útil, pero un amo peligroso". christian lous lange. "el espíritu humano debe prevalecer sobre la tecnología". albert einst