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.6 writing in your journal write at least three sentence of your reflection about the following scenario. - jolo's mother is always giving a reminder to everyone in the family to keep the lpg tank close at all times after using.i understand thati realize that -hannah observed at the sun is very hot. she helped her grandmother to hang the washed clothes under the heat of the sun.i under stand thati realize thatpls. help me i don't know how to answer this:< Get the answer
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.a 70.0 -kg stuntman free falls from a building for 125 m and hits an airbag. the airbag exerts a force on him as he depresses it 5.0 m and comes to a


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.a car travels along a straight road to the east for 100m in 4 seconds, the go to west for 50m in 1 second. determine the average speed and average ve


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.a certain engine runs on the complete combustion of propane (c3h8). it is only functioning with an 80.0% yield. what mass of co2 is produced when 1.0