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.. which of the following statements about an sp hybridized carbonis false?(a). it is divalent. (b). it forms bonds that are linear. (c). it has two? orbitals. (d). it always forms triple bonds to carbon? Get the answer
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.. find the distance between the points a and b in the following:(1) a(0,0), b(-5,12)(ii) a(1. - 3), b(4,1)(ii) a(- 1. - 1), b(8, - 2)(n) a(5.-8), b(


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.. how did the experiences of chinese immigrants differ from those of the "new immigrants” from southern and eastern europe? a. they often took the l


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.. how do you decide what's enough stress for an infant or toddler? a. include a little more detrimental stress each time in each situation until the