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. to write backup and recovery procedures, you need to review the it systems, hardware, software, and communications infrastructure that supports business operations and functions, and you need to define how to maximize availability. this alignment of it systems and components must be based on business operations, functions, and prioritizations. this prioritization is usually the result of a risk assessment and how those risks, threats, and vulnerabilities impact business operations and functions. what is the proper sequence of development and implementation for the following plans?: business continuity plan: disaster recovery plan: risk management plan: business impact analysis: Get the answer
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. translate the trapezoid 13 units right. -. reflect it over the dotted line. . translate it 4 units down. . reflect it over the y axis. - rotate i


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. translate these statements into english, where the domain for each variable consists of all real numbers. a) ?x?y(xy = y) b) ?x?y(((x ?0)?(y < 0)


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. transmissions are delivered to the fabrication line four at a time. it takes one hour for transmissions to be delivered. approximately four vehicles