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. tiga loceng akan berbunyi pada masa yang sama. loceng itu masing-masing berbunyi setiap 2 saat, 3 saat dan 4 saat. selepas berapa saatkah kesemua loceng itu akan berbunyi serentak pada kali pertama? //three bells will ring at the same time. the bells rang every 2 seconds, 3 seconds and 4 seconds respectively. after how many seconds will all the bells ring simultaneously for the first time? * 2 pointsa. 6 saat // secondsb. 8 saat // secondsc. 12 saat // secondsd. 18 saat // seconds Get the answer
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. tomando por base o processo empreendedor, selecione uma das fases desse processo e explique como ela pode ser beneficiada pela participação do empre


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. transform these false statements into ones that are true (a) most people who exhibit abnormal behavior are not particularly troubled by it. (b) the


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. translate the trapezoid 13 units right. -. reflect it over the dotted line. . translate it 4 units down. . reflect it over the y axis. - rotate i