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. secretory vesicle fuse with the cell membrane to release their contents outside the cell. in this process, the membrane of the secretory vesicle becomes part of the cell membrane, because small pieces of the member are continually added to the cell membrane. normally we would expect the cell membrane to increase in size. however the cell membrane stays the same size. explain how this happen. Get the answer
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. shane was surprised to land in an indus valley city that was divided into three parts. which indus valley city is she in and where is it located?


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. shanice is making a garden. the area of the garden is 24 ft2. use the following shape and information to find the base (6?4) and height (+3) of the


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. she lets numbers from 1 to __ represent defective batteries, and __ to __ represent working batteries. she generates this list: 120, 413, 472,564, 3