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. se colocan 5g de hierro (fe) con 7g de azufre (s) para formar pirita (fes2). indique cuál es el reactivo en exceso y que masa de éste no reacciona. a) fe; 2,48 b) fe; 1,24 c) s; 1,29d) s; 2,61 e) fe; 3,25 Get the answer
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. sean’s supervisor has called him to her office to discuss a problem with a project he just finished. the problem was not his fault, and sean feels h


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. secretory vesicle fuse with the cell membrane to release their contents outside the cell. in this process, the membrane of the secretory vesicle bec


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. securitization of loan portfolios, such as credit card loans and mortgage loans, will occur if a. the financial market will pay more for the loan po