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. consider an economy that can produce two goods, apples and blue jeans. each worker can produce 3 units of apples or 4 units of blue jeans per week. suppose that when this economy is opened to trade, the price of apples is $10 per unit and the price of blue jeans is also $10 per unit. suppose as well that each consumer spends one quarter of his/her income on blue jeans, and that there are 1 million workers in this economy. a. construct the budget line for a typical worker in this economy. explain how you arrived at the value of intersection with each axis. b. what does this economy export under trade, and how much does it export of it? Get the answer
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. consider the following standards. mafs.912.f-bf.1.1b: combine standard function types using arithmetic operation. for example, build a function tha


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. consider the questions tarshis asks at 5:30 in the video. what point of view is the story written . consider the questions tarshis asks at 5:30 in


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. considere a equação ( y^2+2xy )dx- x^2 dy=0 . a) mostre que essa equação não é exata b) mostre que multiplicar os dois lados da equação por y^(-2) g