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. beth has made 12 cupcakes. this is 48% of the cupcakes she must make. how many cupcakes must she make? (12 is 48% of what number?) **when typing your answer, only include the number and the unit. for example 20 cupcakes Get the answer
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. bromine has two naturally occurring isotopes. bromine-79 has a mass of 78.918 amu and is 50.69% abundant. using the relative atomic mass reported on


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. by 2015, how many companies controlled the major news networks you are most familiar with? one four ten one hundred


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. b?m ki?u piston tác d?ng ??n có áp su?t p=0,64 mpa và l?u l??ng q=3,5 l/s. xác ??nh t?c ?? quay c?a tr?c b?m và công su?t c?a b?m n?u bi?t ???ng kín