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. . . they had arrived near the 80 cherry trees first planted by mrs. taft, then in bloom, before they were aware of it. “mukojima!” exclaimed dr. takamine as he sprang from the carriage. how does the word "sprang" affect the meaning of the excerpt? a. it shows that dr. takamine bounced because of the material in the carriage. b. it conveys dr. takamine's joy when he sees the cherry trees. c. it suggests dr. takamine's anger when he notices the cherry trees. d. it implies that dr. takamine carefully exited the carriage. Get the answer
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. . applying selected auditing procedures to management's financial data. . . 2. management is responsible. . . 3. . . . applying analytical procedure


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. 1. a child randomly selects a jellybean from a jar of jellybeans. 7 the probability that the child selects a grape jellybean is 23 and the probabili


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. 125g of water has an initial temperature of 25.6°c, and is heated by 50.0g of a metal which has been heated to 115.0°c. the metal heats the water s