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. read the quotation and then answer the question. our aim is not to do away with corporations ... we are not hostile to them; we are merely determined that they shall be so handled as to subserve the public good. - president theodore roosevelt state of the union address, 1902 how does the quote reflect roosevelt's goal of giving americans a square deal? o roosevelt wants to eliminate trusts in order to serve the public good. o roosevelt will handle trusts in ways that serve the public good. roosevelt cannot elimina trusts because they support the public good. couldn’t find the question, but the answer is b: roosevelt will handle trust in ways that serve the public good Get the answer
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. read this excerpt from the call of the wild by jack london. close in under the sheltering rock buck made his nest. so snug and warm was it, that he


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. read this excerpt from a student’s essay that compares and contrasts earth to mars. what points are being compared about the subjects? in the entir


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. read this sentence: the cat's intentions were quite sinister. it planned to stalk, kill, and eat the neighbor's parakeet. based on this text, sinis