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. open the source notes e, and review the notes for all three sources: • "should we terraform mars?" . "mars" "why mars?" consider and record your thoughts about these concepts: • one common idea among the texts • one idea from the texts that differs • how the ideas better help you understand the topic and answer the question "should humans travel to mars?" ? ? ? x x, font sizes a- a !!! ee ? ? ? common idea: differing idea: understanding: Get the answer
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. protesting an issue facing the nation using violence requiring membership to a particular religious denomination publishing false and defamatory ma


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. read "the tortoise and the hare." what is the hare thinking about while he's asleep? in a paragraph of at least three sentences, write a dream sequ


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. read the excerpt. but i did not want to shoot the elephant. i watched him beating his bunch of grass against his knees with the preoccupied grandmo