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"i think he gets it, charlotte," said jack will. "do you get it?" charlotte asked me. "yeah." i nodded at her. "okay, let's get out of here," said jack will, walking away. "wait, jack, we're supposed to be answering questions," said charlotte. jack will rolled his eyes a little as he turned around. after reading the excerpt, readers can best visualize jack will as someone who is bored and ready to go. someone who is friendly and helpful. someone who is scared of a new place. someone who wants to learn something new. i need these please Get the answer
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"i wandered lonely as a cloud" by~ william wordsworth 1. what is the speaker's mood at the beginning of the poem? 2. as the speaker wanders, what does


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"i wanted the ideal animal to hunt," explained the general. "so i said: 'what are the attributes of an ideal quarry?' and the answer was, of course, '


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"i was born into slavery in the 1740s. i purchased my freedom for the equivalent of a few thousand dollars and enlisted. i was remembered for my brave