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- math 1 b 2020 unit test unit test active 10 time remaining 01:55:30 ms. johnson uses a statistics program to analyze all the data collected by her students during a lab experiment about acceleration due to gravity. the program reports x=31.5 and o = 2.5. what is the variance of the data? round to the nearest tenth. 1.6 o 2.5 5.6 6.3 Get the answer
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Sagi Boris 55 Minutes ago

- montel uses 12 ounces of sugar to make 40 fluid ounces of lemonade. if he makes 120 fluid ounces of lemonade to bring to a party, how many ounces o


Mona Eva 1 Hours ago

- moving a sofa into a moving trucks requires 2925 j of work by the moving man. if the work done by the inclined plane to move the sofa is 2205 j, wh


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- mrs. ward found 80-ounce packages of hamburger on sale. if she needs to make 2 of each size hamburger, how many packages of meat will she need to b