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, inc. retires a $15 million (face value) bond issue when the carrying value of the bonds is $13 million, but the market value of the bonds is $16 million. the entry to record the retirement will include: select one: a. a gain of $2 million b. a loss of $2 million c. a loss of $4 million d. a gain of $4 million e. a loss of $3 million Get the answer
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, a key feature of a customer relationship management (crm) system, has the ability to capture and analyze all customer interactions, generate appropr


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, a missionary, converted the people of britain and ireland to christianity. a. the pope c. st. paul b. st. patrick d. st. john


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, a ruler during the tang dynasty , conquered many lands , reformed the military, and created law codes. ( taizong/xuanzong)