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*need answer asap* a student performs several experiments in which he swings a pendulum for a 20 second duration. he uses a string that is 27 cm long, and he test pendulum masses of different sizes, varying from 2 to 12 grams. he records the number of swings each pendulum makes in 20 seconds. the student then decides to make a second graph showing the string length (in cm) as the independent quantity. what change must the student make to his experiment? Get the answer
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*please help need asap!!* select the correct solution in each column of the table. solve the following equation. -16 = 18 i + 6 12 + 61 examine the g


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*plis need it* a cattle breeder sold ¾ of his cows. after that, he sold ¾ of the remainder, and there are 16 cows left. how many cows did he have at t


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*repost* please helpp you are to create a journal entry as if you are a sailor headed for the new world in the year 1500. the specifics are describe