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*urgent* in what order should the sentences be arranged to make a logical literary argument? 1. nevertheless, some may argue that the disloyalty brutus shows to his friend caesar diminishes his character. 2. for example, brutus explains that it was “not that i loved caesar less, but that i loved rome more.” therefore, although brutus feels badly about betraying his friend, he knows it was the right thing to do. 3. brutus is a character who symbolizes loyalty because of his overall commitment to rome. 4. in william shakespeare’s play julius caesar, roman nobles, including caesar’s friend brutus, plot against caesar. 5. however, brutus’s goal of supporting the common good for his country justifies his actions. Get the answer
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*what was the most important advancement or discovery from the scientific revolution? what about the enlightenment?


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*worth 25 points* can someone please write me an original love song( i will check) i am not good at writing song and have to for the choir.


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*worth a lot of points* i really need some help asap please sasha noticed that the graph of the sales of yearbooks represented a proportional relation