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*answer asap* what did stalin's government teach the children of the soviet union about stalin and his regime? a.) soviet children were taught that stalin and the rest of the leaders should be feared. b.) the soviet union expected the children to learn question its political leaders in order to conquer corruption. c.) stalin and the rest of the communist leaders wanted to be seen as equals with the parents of all children. d.) the children were taught that stalin was the greatest leader in the world. Get the answer
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*answer fast* henry wants to meet his friend emma at a restaurant before they go to the library. the restaurant is 7 blocks west of the library. plot


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*answer fast* use the above diagram and answer. jane wants to plant grass seed in her yard. grass seed costs $0.75 per square foot. how much money wil


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*answer please* // difficult for me which statements are true about tessellations? statement 1: a tessellation can be made entirely of congruent equi