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*answer asap* the standard of living conditions in the soviet union improved after the death of stalin. which of the following statements best describes this time period? a.) as the standard of living increased, so did political freedoms. b.) as the west experienced rapid expansion in the 1970s and 80s, the soviets fell farther behind and its countrymen became poorer. c.) when the standard of living increased so did the standard of the educational system, making better paying jobs available. d.) the soviet union saw great leaps in its economic growth, financial stability and standard of living during the 1980s. Get the answer
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*answer asap* what did stalin's government teach the children of the soviet union about stalin and his regime? a.) soviet children were taught that s


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*answer asap* which characteristic is common to grasslands, dry woodlands, and shrublands? a.) they have the same soil composition. b.) they rely on f


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*answer asap* which statement best describes the global status of the united states right after world war ii? a.) the u. s. after world war ii was th