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* question 14 ii pause q zoom question 14 anita was using steel to make rusted sculptures. after building each sculpture, she caused the steel in the sculpture to rust by placing it into a tub filled with salt water for eight hours. anita wondered if steel would rust faster submerged in vinegar instead of salt water. to find out, anita cut ten squares of steel sheet metal and split them into two equal groups. she put one group of squares into a tub filled with salt water and the other group of squares into a tub filled with vinegar. once an hour for eight hours, anita counted the number of rusted steel squares in each group. what is the manipulated/independent variable in anita's experiment? a number of rusted squares b time left in the liquid ??? ? the number of metal squares d the type of liquid the squares were placed in ©2020 illuminate education, inc. Get the answer
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* the united states supports business start-ups to promote competition promote monopolies control the marketplace control which businesses are succes


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* water vapor deposes into frost. what are the frost particles made of? molecules of hydrogen molecules of h2o molecules of oxygen molecules of hydro


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* what best describes a compound structure at the end of a chromosome spindle telomere nuclear envelope microtubule