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a cataract is a clouding or opacity that develops in the eye's lens, often in older people. in extreme cases, the lens of the eye may need to be removed. what effect would this have on someone? a. he would become nearsighted. b. he would become farsighted. c. he would become neither nearsighted nor farsighted. Get the answer
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a catcher in a baseball game stops a pitched ball that was originally moving at 47.0 m/s over a distance of 11.5 cm. the mass of the ball is 0.145 kg.


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a caterer charges a fixed cost for preparing a dinner plus an additional cost for each person served. you know that the cost for 100 students will be


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a caterer is agrranging 72 ham sandwiche and 48 pimento cheese sandwiches on serving trays. he would like to arrange the sandwiches so tht each tray h