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"everyone believes that the fbi should have the tools it needs to catch dangerous criminals. but too often over the past decade, intelligence and law enforcement agencies choose approaches that sweep up information from millions of innocent americans instead of targeting terrorists and criminals. these approaches don't make us safer. "the changes to rule 41 allow the fbi to hack millions of victims of cybercrime. these victims of hacks are regular people, not criminals." -cecilia kang, "ron wyden discusses encryption, data privacy and security," new york times, october 9, 2016 based on the text, which of the following statements would senator wyden most likely agree with? Get the answer
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"explain how cultural diffusion (sharing & adopting of culture) occurred between egypt and kush. give at least three examples."


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"explain the causes and effects of u. s. imperialism during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. why did it happen? what were the results?"


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"explorer, inc. is considering a new 4-year project that requires an initial fixed asset (equipment) investment of $200,000. the fixed asset is three-