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"don't it s'prise you de way dem kings carries on, huck?" "no," i says, "it don't." "why don't it, huck?" "well, it don't, because it's in the breed. i reckon they're all alike," "but, huck, dese kings o' ourn is reglar rapscallions; dat's jist what dey is; dey's reglar rapscallions." "well, that's what i'm a-saying; all kings is mostly rapscallions, as fur as i can make out." which best describes the satirical element of this excerpt? jim and huck still genuinely believe that the“rapscallions” are royalty. jim is revealing to huck that most people are not what they seem. jim tells huck that he knew the truth about the kings before everyone else. jim and huck are basing their opinion of all royalty on fake kings. Get the answer
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"don't wear by trying to do too much soon".the instructor warned. a.yourself off b. yourself up c. yourself on d. yourself of?


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"donald is a 21-year-old full-time college student. during 2019, he earned $2,550 from a part-time job and $1,150 in interest income. if donald is a d


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"donna brent," who lives in idaho, owns a u. s. patent by federal law for toothpaste that restores tooth enamel. she is suing sam rooney for allegedly