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"but now a lioness just done with killing oxen-- blood dripped down her jaws, her mouth was frothing-- comes to slake her thirst at a cool spring close to the tree. by moonlight thisbe sees the savage beast, with trembling feet, the girl is quick to seek a shadowed cave, but even as she flees, her shawl slips from her shoulders." - “pyramus and thisbe” - ovid consider the part of the poem you just read. what do you think is most likely to happen to thisbe next? write your response in one to two sentences. Get the answer
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"but scenery without a solace is meaningless" who said the quote? analyze the quote and provide meaning. use another quote from the same passage to ex


Ehud Raghnall 1 Hours ago

"but we do deny it - we do deny it!" cried the elders. "for at that very time our king was sojourning at troezen on the other side of the saronic sea


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"buyer 1 enters into a contract with a seller with an option to terminate 14 days after the effective date. the effective date is january 5. the selle