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(23) 'of course some one might cut them down. the boy lowered his volce; it seemed shameful to mention the perpetration of such a deed aloud. it would be terrible to hear them groan when the axe struck them. the young ones mightn't mind so much; but it would be bad for the grandfather trees who've been here from the beginning. hannah says one would still hear them wailing on stormy nights.' the author uses personification, such as hear them groan, in this paragraph to explain how Get the answer
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Selma Yafa 55 Minutes ago

(24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15) +37=24+(15+24+15


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(25 points pls help) how is president george w. bush's philosophy on foreign affairs similar to and different from those of his father and bill clinto


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(25 points) miranda sat in the high school computer lab typing like mad. it was 8:30 a. m., and her 1,000-word report on the catcher in the rye was