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(2) write a function named take_order() for onlineorder that takes parameters for the customer_name, and order_price, and uses them to create an onlineorder named tuple and return the named tuple (3) write a function named make_db() that takes a list of names, and a list of integers corresponding to the total amount spent for each order. for each pair of values, create an onlineorder by calling the take_order() function, and place each order returned into a list. return the created list. Get the answer
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(2-3) (25) given the expression , select the three equivalent numerical expressions. (27) a (2-3+5) (2-). 25 23-7 25 210 d (2") (2-4) 00 c 1 e 32 f


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(2-pt response) how does arriving at auschwitz-birkenau change wiesel's perspective on life, human nature, and the world around him? support your answ


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(2.02)a shape is shown on the graph: which of the following is a reflection of the shape? a coordinate plane is shown. a triangle has vertices negati