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(12 points) 21. in the unit review, you wrote a statement in which you explained whether you considered government under the roman republic of government under the roman empire to be more successful, and why. elaborate on that statement by writing an essay in which you evaluate the successes of the roman republic and the roman empire. provide at least two ways in which you consider each type of government to have been successful and two ways in which you consider each to have been unsuccessful. in your conclusion, propose one change for both the republic and empire, which would have fixed the problems of roman society. be sure to use examples from what you learned to justify your response. uoco Get the answer
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(12) explain : what rule can you write about how many congruent angles are intersect a pair of parallel lines? created when a transversal intersect a


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(12) in a relay race, mia ran 1.43 kilometers. then she passed the baton to gerald, who ran an additional 2.7 kilometers. how many kilometers did the


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(120) what is the correct definition of anti-semitism?* 5 points o a. racism against people of asian descent in germany. o b. extreme hatred toward pe