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(10 points) consider the initial value problem y?+3y=9t, y(0)=7. take the laplace transform of both sides of the given differential equation to create the corresponding algebraic equation. denote the laplace transform of y(t) by y(s). do not move any terms from one side of the equation to the other (until you get to part (b) below). = help (formulas) solve your equation for y(s). y(s)=l{y(t)}= Get the answer
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(10 points) joe’s parents bought him a new car for his birthday. they paid $6990 for a car that was originally priced at $7599. what percent of the or


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(10 points) list all the possible outcomes of a four color spinner (yellow, blue, green, orange) that is spun twice in a row. what is the probability


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(10 points) northeast food distributor has 1,247 employees. 187 of those employees were sick last week. what percent of northeast's employees were sic