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(10 points) you run a factory and are contracting with a supplier who ships you important components. you are considering imposing a rule over whether to "accept" a shipment of components or not based on how many of them may be defective. you consider the following two rules: rule 1: a random sample of ten components is checked, and the shipment is accepted only if none of them is defective. rule 2: a random sample of 20 components is checked, and the shipment is accepted only if not more than one of them is defective. if a shipment contains 20% defectives, which of these acceptance rules has the smaller probability of accepting the shipment? Get the answer
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(10 points) the value of y varies directly with x, and y=-2 when x=5. find y when x=15 -37.5 6 -6 37.5


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(10 points) a group of individual cells are placed in a normal saline solution. then a non-permeable solute is added to the mixture. given your unders


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(10 points) a single crystal in the titanium cable is oriented so that the [001] direction is parallel to the applied load. if that load creates a nor