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(1) pandas are one of the world's most beloved species. (2) in china, pandas face many threats to their survival as a species. (3) some of these threats include the destruction of the pandas' living space and illegal hunters. (4) wildlife expert stephanie stamos states that there are only about 1,600 giant pandas left in the wild today. (5) we must do everything we can to save these beautiful animals. which of the following sentences includes a statistic? sentence 1 sentence 2 sentence 4 sentence 5 Get the answer
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(1) people may think that love and romantic feelings are enough of a basis for choosing a spouse. (2) the chances of a marriage surviving, however, wo


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(1) playing a team sport such as soccer or lacrosse can help a child learn important life skills, such as sportsmanship, loyalty, and discipline. (2)


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(1) prompt the user to enter five numbers, being five people's weights. store the numbers in an array of doubles. output the array's numbers on one li