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(08.03 mc) how did geography affect florida during the civil war? (5 points) o florida has a long coastline, so it was easy to blockade. florida was far to the south, so few battles happened there. o florida was surrounded by water, which increased the capacity of its navy. o florida's land was mountainous, so it was easier for troops to travel across it. question 3 Get the answer
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(08.03) the dot plot below shows the number of items in the basket of some shoppers: items in baskets items which of the following statements best de


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(08.03)consider the following pair of equations: y = ?2x + 8 y = x ? 1 explain how you will solve the pair of equations by substitution. show all t


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(08.04 mc) the grades on the last art exam had a mean of 75%. assume the population of grades on art exams is known to be distributed normally, with