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(08.01 mc)below are the data collected from two random samples of 500 american adults on the number of hours they spend doing leisure and sports activities per day (rounded to the nearest hour): number of hours spent doing leisure and sports activities per day 1 2 3 4 5 sample a: number of adults 70 90 135 140 65 sample b: number of adults 80 80 130 135 75 dan concludes that adults spend a mean of 3 hours each day doing leisure and sports activities. bret thinks the mean is 4 hours. who is correct—dan or bret? explain your answer in two or three sentences. make sure to use facts to support your answer. Get the answer
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(08.01) two lines, a and b, are represented by the following equations: line a: 3x + 3y = 12 line b: x + y = 4 which statement is true about the solut


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(08.01) which of the following statements shows a characteristic of a statistical question? (4 points) group of answer choices the question is focused


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(08.01)consider the following pair of equations: ?x ? y = ?5 y = x + 1 if the two equations are graphed, at what point do the lines representing the