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(07.05 hc)during the warring states period, trade increased and the kinds of goods exchanged became more diverse. what effect would this have on how the merchant class was viewed? the merchant class would gain wealth and political power because their services were more valuable to the empire. the merchant class would become wealthier but maintain their low-class status because china's class system prevented movement. the merchant class would begin to produce goods because it would need to increase the amount of merchandise available. the merchant class would shrink in numbers because fewer people would be needed to handle the increasing wealth. Get the answer
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(07.05 mc) the steps in an investigation between two negatively chargedobjects are listed below.step 1. rub a cloth on two uncharged balloons to make


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(07.05 mc) an equation is shown below: 8x + 2(x – 7) = 7x + 3x – 14 part a: solve the equation and write the number of solutions. show all the steps.


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(07.05 mc)why was the silk road important to the development of china? the country had previously been isolated from the other ancient civilizations,