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(06.04 mc) read the text and write the answers in spanish following the instructions indicated in the text. (4 points) you may copy and paste the accented and special characters from this list if needed: á, á, é, é, í, í, ó, ó, ú, ú, ü, ñ, ñ, ¡, ¿. tú eres un estudiante de la república dominicana. tu entrenador de voleibol quiere que expliques tus pasatiempos y los de tu familia. escribe un párrafo en español, utilizando oraciones completas para explicar las preferencias. recuerda incluir las palabras de vocabulario de esta lección. utiliza las siguientes sugerencias para guiar tu contestación. << you are a student from the dominican republic. your volleyball coach wants you to explain your pastimes and your family's preferences. write a paragraph in spanish, using complete sentences to explain the preferences. remember to use the vocabulary words from this lesson. use the following suggestions as a guide for your answer. >> write your name. include one complete sentence using preferir to choose between two pastimes. include one complete sentence using tener to describe if you're hot or cold when you write about your favorite pastime. remember to include at least one clothing item. use at least one stem-changing verb (that is not preferir) to describe your pastimes as well as your family's pastimes. Get the answer
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(06.04 mc) the function f(x) = 4x + 8 represents the distance traveled by a herd of elephants in miles. the function g(x) = x ? 1 represents the time


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(06.05 hc) circular flow chart showing connectivity, with blue arrows, from government to product market and household, from product market to househ


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(06.05 lc) the two-way table shows the number of students in a school who like music and/or dance. like music do not like music total like dance 23 ?