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(05.01 lc) the graph shows the number of sprays an automatic air freshener dispenses, y, in x minutes: dispense rate number of sprays 0 30 60 90 120 150 time (min) which expression can be used to calculate the rate per minute at which the air freshener dispenses sprays? 30 6 o 24 30 30 24 o 30 Get the answer
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(05.01 lc)look at the figure shown below: a triangle rpq is shown. s is a point on side pq and t is a point on side pr. points s and t are joined usin


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(05.01 mc) how is a direct democracy similar to a representative democracy? a.) both types of government are run by a communist party. b.) both types


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(05.01 mc) the graph shows the prices of different numbers of bushels of corn at a store in the current year. the table shows the prices of different